Dear colleague,

We would like to learn from your valuable clinical experience as a specialist in pediatric cardiac anesthesia!


In adults, fast track cardiac anesthesia has gained increasing popularity for decreasing time to extubation, intensive care unit length of stay and postoperative complications.


In children, some authors have demonstrated ultra-fast track extubation [defined as the extubation of the patient in the operating room = on table extubation (OTE)] to be associated with low morbidity rates and shorter lengths of intensive care unit and hospital stays. There is however reluctance among many paediatric cardiac anaesthesiologists towards OTE in congenital cardiac surgical patients, mainly due to concerns about possible extubation failure, probable hemodynamic instability resulting from insufficient hemostasis/bleeding, and the impact of OTE on turnover times in the operating room that might affect efficiency in busy congenital centres.


As a consequence, we assume that internationally, there are variable practices and assumptions regarding safety and feasibility of ultra-fast track anaesthesia including OTE in paediatric CHD surgical cases. We therefore aim to assess a current status quo of post-operative extubation in pediatric CHD surgical patients in different countries world-wide, hoping to learn from international experience and ultimately to enhance patient safety by avoiding mistakes other practitioners have already gone through.


We would be very grateful if you would find the time to go through the web-based questionnaire which will ask only 5-15 minutes of your valuable time depending on your practice of OTE. The questionnaire was endorsed by the European Association of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologists (EACTA).


If you are not directly involved in the practice of pediatric cardiac anesthesia, we would very much appreciate if you could forward this survey to your colleagues that are providing pediatric cardiac anesthesia more routinely.


Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Sincerely yours,


S. Rex
M. Momeni
M. Irfan Akhtar